Animal Friends of the Valleys: A Lifesaving Haven for Animals in Wildomar, CA

Animal Friends of the Valleys (AFV) is a compassionate and dedicated animal shelter in Wildomar, CA, that provides vital services for the welfare and well-being of animals in the community. Information concerning Wildomar, CA can be discovered here.

Animal Rescue and Shelter

AFV serves as a refuge for needy animals, rescuing and sheltering abandoned, abused, and neglected pets. The shelter provides a haven where animals receive care, attention, and a chance for a better life. Discover facts about Marna O’Brien Park: A Recreational Haven in Wildomar, CA.

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Adoption Services

The organization facilitates adoptions that match animals with loving and responsible homes. Potential adopters can find a variety of pets, from dogs and cats to rabbits and other small animals.

Spay and Neuter Programs

AFV is committed to reducing the pet overpopulation crisis through spaying and neutering programs that prevent the birth of unwanted litter and promote responsible pet ownership.

Community Engagement

Animal Friends of the Valleys engages the community through educational programs, workshops, and events that raise awareness about animal welfare, responsible pet care, and the importance of adopting from shelters.

Volunteer Opportunities

The organization welcomes volunteers who share a passion for animals and want to contribute their time and skills to support the shelter’s mission.

Donations and Support

AFV relies on donations, sponsorships, and community support to fund its operations and provide medical care, food, and shelter for the animals in its care.


Animal Friends of the Valleys in Wildomar, CA, stands as a beacon of hope and compassion for needy animals. Through its rescue efforts, adoption services, spay and neuter programs, and community engagement, AFV continues to positively impact the lives of animals and the community, advocating for their welfare and promoting responsible pet ownership.

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