What To Ask a Carpet Cleaning Company Before You Hire Them

What to Look For To Find a Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Company. Five Top Questions to Ask.

There are essentially three key ingredients necessary to finding a fantastic carpet cleaning company. They are:

1. The cleaning technician or operator
2. The type of equipment used
3. The type of chemicals used

First, you’ll want to know the technicians experience, what kind of eye they have for details and how much they care. Granted you may not know this in advance but you can figure it out if they are an employee of the company or an owner operator. Obviously an owner will have more experience and care more than an employee. How good their “eye” is can easily be determined after they’ve cleaned for you once.

Second, is the equipment some “buffer” machine, pulled out of the trunk of a car, plugged into your outlets or if a truck mount steam cleaner, is it a small entry level or top of the line unit? It will make a huge difference on the results and how soon the carpet will dry and look.

Third, whereas most carpet cleaning chemicals are safe to use, will the operator use low grade or not made for carpet cleaning chemicals? If the equipment used to clean carpets is inferior, the operator may use more chemicals than necessary to make up for this deficiency. This may cause rapid re-soiling and leave a stiff residue in your carpet.

So What Are The Top Five Questions You Should Ask a Carpet Cleaning Company
Before You Hire Them?

1. Who will come to my home and clean and what is his experience? If it’s an employee you’re wise to ask about a background check. Theft can be an issue in your home or with your credit card and/or identity.
2. What method of carpet cleaning do you do? Many will say “truck mounted” which is considered the best. But why not ask how good the equipment is: entry level or top of the line? This will make a difference in the results.
3. Is the price quoted exact and what does it include? Many carpet cleaners change the price upon arrival and some try to add on services you don’t need or thought you were getting in the first place. If you know what’s included you’ll know what to expect and at what price.
4. What does your guarantee say? If there is none, you should pass. If it’s not written or online, you should pass. If it doesn’t include coming back if something was overlooked or if spots come back, pass. If you never ask about the guarantee you’ll probably never hear about it. Don’t expect a guarantee if you hire someone unlicensed, with no liability insurance and the price is very low.
5. The following questions depend on what’s important to you. It could be: What kind of chemicals do you use? Do you move any furniture? Do you vacuum first? Do you pretreat the carpet? How long will it take for my carpets to dry? Can you get out pet “stains”? Odors? Paint? Black lines along walls?

At A. Andrews & Sons Professional Cleaning Services, we would be happy to answer any and all of your questions if you call and ask. For your consideration here are our answers to the above questions:

We are an owner operated company so either the father or son or both come to your home. We have over 50 years’ experience between us and we are licensed, bonded and insured. We use a top of the line truck mounted steam cleaning unit made by HydraMaster (4.8 CDS PTO) and we never change our quote unless you change the order or left something out you wanted cleaned when you called for an estimate. Our guarantee and the chemicals we use are posted online at www.aaasons.com We use the same chemicals in your home that we use in ours. Call 951-221-8686 for an appointment today or click on the link below to set up an appointment online. Feel free to ask us any of these questions.