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Tile and Grout Cleaning – Fallbrook

Tile and grout cleaning services are important because the way your house looks is important. Your style, décor, and the condition of your home are all a reflection on you, the person. Your taste, personality, and discipline are all indicated by the appearance of places you spend most of your time. We all want to put our best foot forward for guests into our homes, but that is not always easy. For instance, it is neither simple nor quick to clean tile grout.

Cleaning Fallbrook Home and Pool Tile

Tile and grout cleaning is just one of those chores almost all of us will try to put off until the last minute. It starts out with us ignoring the slowly accumulating dirt and grit on our tiled surfaces. We walk on these dirty floors so often that we truly begin to not see it anymore. To us, our homes are fine. Then one day we get that surprise phone call from a relative informing us that the next family function or holiday get together should be at our house! Now we see with new eyes our floors are in serious need of tile and grout cleaning. The hustle and bustle of holidays and party preparations are not really the best time to take on something as time consuming as tile and grout cleaning. We are all too tempted to cut corners and do a job that is either not good enough or potentially damaging to our tile.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Fallbrook

Tile Grout Cleaning

Hopefully your grout is sealed. If not, it is probably more deeply stained than it should be. Unfortunately, some tile installers do not get around to applying a coat of sealant because they have to wait a day or two for the grout to cure. They simply never come back. Leaving your grout defenseless from the daily soiling it has to endure. Tile grout cleaning is much easier on a properly sealed surface since the seal prevents dirt from becoming deeply embedded. Cleaning the unsealed tile will take far more elbow grease. This is why you see people doing their own tile grout cleaning with a toothbrush, scrubbing furiously! It really is advisable to just use tile and grout cleaning services. Fallbrook homeowners will save time and be able to focus on more pleasant things by simply outsourcing their tile & grout cleaning.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Grout and tile cleaning need not be such a pain inducing chore for you. Having the spotless kitchen floor and pristine swimming pool tile you deserve is so easy. A. Andrews and Sons have been performing master grout and tile cleaning for 25 years. Relief is just one phone call away!

For many of your neighbors, the best kept secret is their reliance on our thorough and exacting tile grout cleaning. Fallbrook is a major market for us and it keeps growing each day because it is so easy to see the benefits of professional tile grout care. You can see for yourself by booking an appointment today. Our highly professional cleaning technician will make you wonder how you ever did without our tile and grout cleaning services.

Serving all of Southwest Riverside County

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We are a professional carpet, tile, and stone cleaning company serving all of Southwest Riverside County including Murrieta, Temecula, Perris, Menifee, Canyon Lake, Lake Elsinore, and Wildomar.

Why Choose Us?

We provide the best possible carpet steam cleaning, upholstery steam cleaning, tile and grout steam cleaning as well as travertine, marble and granite floor cleaning and polishing or restoration.

With us you get:

  • Best possible drying time
  • Quick, thorough, two-man cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals (soap free) – child and pet safe
  • Soft water – for softer carpet results
  • Tools sanitized after every job
  • Liability insurance
  • Special discounts for referrals

What Sets Us Apart

We’re not only a local family owned business, we’re a father son team with over 50 years of combined professional cleaning experience. Andy is pictured there on the left and Matt is pictured on the right.

We use certified safe “green” carpet cleaning chemicals, safe for the environment, children, and pets. Click here to see proof!

We carry onboard fresh water. We can clean without any water supply!

We also post our Written Money Back Guarantee for our work.