​​Our Customer Relations Procedure

When a representative from A. Andrews & Sons Professional Cleaning Services comes to your home or business, we want you to know what our standard business practice and procedures are. They are outlined below.

1. Upon arrival, we will park in the safest location with the right side of the van facing the
house or entry door.

2. If we park in the driveway or in front of the driveway, we will find out if any car in the garage or driveway needs to leave while we are there. This can be avoided if done in advance of our arrival.

3. Before coming to your door, we may be doing some preparatory work like hooking up our garden hose to your outside faucet and unwinding hoses.

4. If youʼre a new customer we will introduce ourselves and hand you a business card. We can be identified by our work shirts which clearly have our logo and business name on the front of them.

5. If you have pets (we love pets) we are happy to greet them or have them “meet” us. Just let us know where the pets will be when we clean so we donʼt let them out accidentally. Inform us if thereʼs a cat whoʼs hiding.

6. We will request a “walk through” to make sure the rooms you asked to be cleaned are the ones we wrote down.

7. We need you to point out your problem areas and what any spills may be. We also should be told if there are any permanent stains that youʼre aware of that may not have come out with previous cleanings.

8. If there seems to be a misunderstanding of which rooms you ask us to do and what we gave an estimate for, we will bring it up at this time (it is rarely more than one area). Also, if you want additional work done, let us know ASAP and weʼll let you know if itʼs possible for us to do at that time.

9. Now is a good time to ask how long the work will take or tell us if you have any time constraints.

10. We make sure our vacuum filter is cleaned out and our cleaning tools have been sanitized before we use them.

11. We check all vacuum connections to make sure our system is working at optimum performance.

12. We set up corner guards or hand carry hoses into your house if there two of us, to protect your wall corners.

13. If you have wood floors we bring in large blankets or sheets to provide dry footing when we step onto the floor.

14. If water is spilled or leaks onto any hard surface floor we attempt to remove it ASAP or when we see it.

15. When pre-spraying your carpet, we do not spray near any electronic equipment or wood surfaces.

16. If we feel something (like a picture frame) on a table or wall could be accidentally knocked over, we will remove it or turn it down to prevent this.

17. We use hose hooks on stairs to prevent our hoses from sliding down the stairs and bunching at the bottom.

18. We try to pull our hoses back toward our van out of anyoneʼs way as much as possible for safety concerns.

19. If youʼre available, we try to encourage you to “see the difference” before and after while we are cleaning.

20. If you have “Polyester” fiber carpets, we will “tell you a story” to explain why they look the way they do.

21. We will tell you when weʼre done cleaning and ask for you to look around. We then send the invoice to your email address and we will show you the invoice on tablet. We may ask you to “review” our service at this time.

22. Most people pay with a check, however, we accept credit cards or cash. We only accept cash if you are moving.

23. Before leaving we show you how to save $50 on your next cleaning with our referral program. We usually leave a refrigerator magnet and ask you if you would like to be reminded by email for your next cleaning.

Call A. Andrews & Sons Professional Cleaning Services at 951-221-8686 or visit www.aaasons.com if you have questions.