Our After Cleaning Instructions

What To Do:

Create Air Circulation – Turn on floor or ceiling fans or open windows if hot outside.

Prevent Slipping – Place mats, area rugs or towels on hard surface floors just off wet carpets to provide secure footing when stepping off a wet carpet.

Turn On Central House Fan – If it’s cold or rainy outside, turn on heat to 72 degrees. If it’s hot outside, turn on air conditioner to 78 degrees to prevent humidity. Or you can leave heat and air off and just turn the central fan to “ON” position, weather permitting.

Stay Off Carpet – Keep pets and children off wet carpet as much as possible to prevent premature re-soiling and matting of the carpet, which slows carpet drying time.

Help Prevent “Wicking” – Some liquid spills are in the backing or padding and will want to “wick” up while drying or over time. To help prevent this, place a heavy towel folded over the “spill”. Place heavy objects on the towel to absorb the liquids into the towel.

If Carpet Was Scotchgarded – Avoid use for several hours and do not place any material on carpet like towels to absorb the protectant from the carpet.

What NOT To Do:

Do Not Run, Skip or Hop Off of Wet Carpet

Do Not Allow Heavy Use of Carpet Until Dry To Your Touch

Do Not Put Furniture Back Until Next Day

Do Not Cover the Carpet With Towels and Sheets Over Night

Do Not Put Anything on Wet Carpet That Bleeds Like Rugs, Sleeping Bags or Metal

Do Not Remove Any Plastic Tabs or Blocks We Placed Until Next Day

Never Allow a Dog To Lay On Wet Carpet

You Do Not Need To Vacuum The Carpet the Next Day

How Long Will It Take For Your Carpet To Dry?

It depends on how dirty your carpet was, what type of fiber it is and whether there’s air circulation or not. Normally, it should take from 6 to 8 hours for it to dry to the touch and deep down, by the next day.

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