Other Services

A. Andrews & Sons provides additional services beyond just standard carpet and tile cleaning. We know that there are many jobs you simply can’t do on your own. With our help, you can return to the things you do best, whether it’s at home or at your business. There may be a lot of bases to cover, but you that doesn’t mean you can’t handle it all with a little help.

Carpets and Tiles and Floors, Oh My!

When you’re running a business, or even taking care of the home, there’s a lot of hats to wear on a daily basis. For example, apartment cleaning by itself can be an enormous task, involving everything from carpet pad removal to window cleaning. Odor treatment is another thing that apartments, houses and businesses need. We not only provide these services, but we also offer Scotchgarding to protect the newly cleaned areas.

Janitorial office cleaning can be a big help for businesses of any size, which we will happily do, including bathrooms and vacuuming. While we’re at it, we can provide high dusting to homes or business to reach those hard to reach areas like vents and air ducts, or above cabinets.

The Pet Connection

Pets can cause a lot of damage to your home. Either all at once in a fit of naughty behavior, or accumulatively over time. That’s why we provide pet damage odor treatment as a remedy for the less than perfectly behaved pet, or even one that’s not able to help it.

Water extraction & de-flooding is another area we provide relief for. Sometimes emergencies or accidents happen and you simply need help to get back to normal.

The Stone Cold Truth

Stone cleaning is a big service category with our customers. Polished stone floor cleaning, repair and restoration are all things that our customers happily rely on us to provide for them. This can even include cleaning the tile or stone surrounding your pool, as well as stone counter cleaning, or even pressure washing.

A Maintenance Program for the Rest of Us

Finally be sure to ask about our maintenance program for either your business or residence, as many tasks are not a one-time ordeal and need the constant attention of a professional. We can usually provide you with an estimate over the phone for your convenience.

There are many services that come in handy on a day-to-day basis. We are happy to provide these services to make your life easier, so you can get back to running your home, business, or even your home business! Give us a call today and see what A. Andrews & Sons can do for you.