How To Find a Great Carpet Cleaner

Some carpet cleaners have resorted to testimonials from satisfied customers and “review” websites like Yelp to recommend them. Is this a good way to find a great carpet cleaner? While effective, they should not be the number one source for finding who to hire.

Here are my top recommendations for finding out about a carpet cleaning service or company:

1. Get a referral from someone who has used them.
2. Consult the Better Business Bureau online.
3. Check online to see if there are any complaints (Google name of company and the word complaints.
4. If you live in a gated community and have a “referral emailer”, contact them and ask who they recommend.
5. Check online to see what others have said about the company and service.
6. Call them and ask the questions I have posted on this website.

You should look for these features in a carpet cleaning service:

● Is licensed, bonded and has liability insurance.
● Does Steam Cleaning with truck mounted equipment.
● Is experienced
● Has reasonable prices
● Has been recommended
● Is friendly
● Returns calls promptly
● Is available when you need him
● Is willing to come back if there’s a problem

It’s not easy to find a great carpet cleaner. It helps to have help. It’s hard to know who to trust. I can tell you what one customer told me recently. She said, “I’ve used all the franchise people (Coit, Chem Dry and Stanley Steamer are e.g.’s) and they all charge more than you and don’t do as near as good a job”. I find enjoyment in knowing that people like her recommend our service to others.